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Group Chat

Jul 27, 2020

Today we're discussing Portnoy's interview with Trump, Lou Williams's trip to the strip club outside the NBA bubble, the disappearance of antibodies in testing, Epstein's former home appearing on the housing market, a look inside the dark web of Ghislaine Maxwell, the settlement between the Washington Post and Nick Sandmann, Kanye's boast that he will beat Biden with write-in votes, Joe Rogan's decision to "pull a Taylor" and move to Texas, Taylor Swift's new album, remote work losing favorability among companies, Instagram's "bug" that allows them to always access your camera on IOS 14, the big market weeks coming up, the surge in MAGA stocks, Bridgewater Associates' decision to lay off dozens of employees, and more.

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Whats Poppin – Group Chat News

  • 100 days till election day. [4:08]
  • Dave Portnoy x Donald Trump. [8:55]
  • What’s poppin Lou Williams?! [18:14]
  • Shout out to NBA Bubble Life on Twitter. [21:43]
  • Catching a vibe. [23:39]
  • Does anyone want to own a creepy sex palace? [32:51]
  • The latest conspiracy theory surrounding the Ghislaine Maxwell saga. [35:05]
  • Nick Sandmann, the youth face of MAGA. [38:07]
  • Checking in on Kanye and Nick Cannon. [42:50]
  • Pete Reads the Ads. [58:55]
  • Joe Rogan is leaving California. [1:04:30]
  • Taylor Swift’s new album is crushing it! [1:12:20]
  • Is this whole remote work thing falling apart? [1:16:25]
  • The big 4 are serving you ads whether you like it or not. [1:18:07]
  • Previewing the BIG earnings week ahead! [1:20:53]
  • Is Bridgewater Associates a fraud?[1:24:19]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:28:30]

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