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Group Chat

Nov 30, 2018

Today we recap our dinner with DJ Vice & Clase Azul, Birding in the rain, Payless luxury store, Kawahi Leonard New Balance, Juul/Altria, Fortnite, Quadpay/Asana talk, Youtube launching stories, Kylie Jenner Vlog, Southwest Apology & Khald/Mayweather Crypto troubles. Articles and Time Stamps in Episode Notes

Nov 28, 2018

Today on Group Chat we discuss Jane Fonda, Amazon cyber monday, Instant Pot's cut following, family fortunes, GM lay off, Bird creating entrepreneurs, Ladder, 6ix9ine update and some questions from you guys! Articles & Time Stamps in Episode Notes

Nov 27, 2018

Sorry for the wait!!! Today we're discussing Black Friday/Cyber Monday recap, touching on Facebook issue, Ecomm vs retail, Dolce & Gabbana cancelled their China show, GM reinventing itself?, trouble at the border, Elon's going to mars, 6ix9ine court hearing updates & Yeezy selling at retail through eBay? Articles and...

Nov 23, 2018

Today we talk about how Thanksgiving and how was yours!?, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, TV is dead!, The Gap closing stores, Kanye and Travis Scott sharing visual designer, Agenda turning to festival format & Supreme, the most powerful logo in the world. Articles and Time Stamps in Episode Notes

Nov 21, 2018

Today on Group Chat we talk about Facebook's Ad platform being down, goodbye to fake followers on Instagram, Bezos to spend $100 million to help homelessness, Stock Market is screwed, Ross shares are down, Tekashi69 & more! Articles and time stamps in Episode Notes