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Group Chat

Apr 29, 2022

Today, the whole gang discusses the US' GDP shrink, Meta's soaring stock and its first retail store, Snap's flying camera, and Apple's earnings.

Then, Sneaker Steve joins Dee and Anand to discuss ALES GREY™, Los Angeles' purpose-driven, sustainable foot-tech company launched in 2019.  The company was founded by global...

Apr 26, 2022

Today, Dee and Anand discuss the Twitter takeover, the US market's slashing, the national drop in home sales, Times Square's comeback, and Beijing's shutdown.

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • It’s a done deal for Elon and Twitter. (1:04) 
  • The Stock Market is in a free fall! (17:24) 
  • Are people finally accepting...

Apr 25, 2022

Tonight, Drama and Dee discuss Elon's latest tweets, Nike's digital sneakers, Old Navy's cut, Banana Republic's shutter, Lululemon's new buyback program, Manscaped's quarterlies, Pickleball's chokehold on America, and Kaitlyn's bust at the Ivy Leauge.

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • It’s a different vibe when it's...

Apr 22, 2022

Today, Dee and Anand discuss Elon's new Twitter offer, Tesla's massive profits, Boring Company's new round, Netlfix's numbers, CNN+'s quick sunset, Snap and the markets, Carvana's decline, Desantis' Disney attacks, Bhad Bhabie's OnlyFans bag, and this week's Winners, Losers, Content!

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

Apr 19, 2022

Today, Dee and Anand debrief their Coachella weekend! Then, the gentlemen discuss Elon X Twitter, stock splits, the unionization effort at Apple, Chick-Fil-A franchisees, Afterpay's bust, Hypebeast's SPAC, Russia's filtered TikTok, China's supposed economic growth, and the menu item returning to Taco Bell.

Timeline of...