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Group Chat

Apr 25, 2022

Tonight, Drama and Dee discuss Elon's latest tweets, Nike's digital sneakers, Old Navy's cut, Banana Republic's shutter, Lululemon's new buyback program, Manscaped's quarterlies, Pickleball's chokehold on America, and Kaitlyn's bust at the Ivy Leauge.

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • It’s a different vibe when it's hot. (1:55) 
  • When inflation hits the Group Chat crew. (4:30) 
  • Pickleball is a good example of people DYING to get outside. (14:30) 
  • Elon is untouchable! (20:32) 
  • Did Nike miss the NFT craze faze? (27:33) 
  • Dee has been “Steeve'd” on his options. (32:34) 
  • Are you trading in your used Lululemon for cash? (38:18) 
  • Breaking down the Manscaped financials. (45:48) 
  • So, you think your Ivy League worthy?! (50:28) 
  • Ad Break: Lo Siento Tequila. (1:02:09) 

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