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Group Chat

Apr 29, 2019

Today on Group Chat we've got a big surprise for Anand and Dee that they've been waiting their whole life for.  We also get into topics like The Avengers, Amazon spending $1.7 billion, Apple stock, Lululemon, Uber, the future of work, Ray Dalio/Jamie Dimon, Something in the Water Festival, Kanye wanting his own church...

Apr 26, 2019

Today we're back in the studio and ready to give you topics like: Wall Street analysts loved FB earnings, Microsoft hits $1 trillion, Tesla numbers, Amazon Q1, Comcast sale of minority stake in Hulu?, Macy's office tower in NYC, more on Luminary, Sports Illustrated, Olivia Munn, Venmo, Sweetgreen/Amazon going back...

Apr 24, 2019

Today on Group Chat we're at El Camp in El Segundo to talk with the Kathys about Coachella Weekend 2 recap, Less Gen Z are driving, office culture, Microsoft staff questioning diversity, Retail Joe makes an appearance, Snap earnings, Twitter, Beyond Meat S1, Stock X, Luminary and Bernie Sanders.

Apr 22, 2019

Today on Group Chat we discuss Kanye Sunday Service at Coachella, Google Maps, Amount of poop on SF streets at an all time high, Adam Levine lists home with $47 million flip, Neiman Marcus latest investment/resale market, Sri Lanka explosion killing more than 200 people and our NYC Recap.

Apr 19, 2019

We've in New York to speak at Acceleration by MPARTICLE and we've got a recap.  Topics include Barr Mueller Report, the Shell On Challenge, Moviepass, has dropped users, Zoom worth more than Pinterest, recycling in fashion, Gucci growth flattening, CBD Carls Jr burger, the new Child's Play movie, Hobbs and Shaw,...