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Group Chat

Oct 30, 2019

Would you believe teens AND Dee average more than 7hrs of screen time a day? Kanye thanks god for his $68m tax return and has a fan in Don Jr. The NCAA is going to allow athletes to profit?, Deadspin revolts, LAX ban of Uber/Lyft, Beyond Meat, Shopify, GrubHub, Alphabet in talks to buy Fitbit? Soho House raises $100m, Trump says Afghanistan is safer than 'embarrassing' Chicago and more!

Is this screen time usage out of control?! [4:36]

Group Chat comments on all things Kanye West. [9:16]

All hail the King! NCAA clears the way for athletes to profit from names, images and likenesses. [14:21]

Deadspin is on the hot seat. [19:19]

What does the LAX ban on curbside pickups for Uber/Lyft mean for you? [24:02]

Group Chat on the latest Earning Reports for Beyond Meat, Shopify & Grubhub. [25:34]

Alphabet in talks to buy Fitbit. Is this a good fit? [29:32]

Fueling the elite: Soho house raises $100m to expand its members around the world. [39:15]

Donald Trump is shitting on his own country now?! [43:00]

When the #MeToo movement switches sides...Rep. Katie Hill to resign amid allegations of improper relationships. [48:26]

Nothing is safe in Group Chat’s, “Group Chat.” Just ask Taylor. [52:47]

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Kanye/James Corden


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LAX ban

Beyond Meat & Shopify

Grubhub’s Earnings


Soho house


Jimmy Kimmel/Trump

Katie Hill