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Group Chat

May 27, 2020

Today we're discussing LAPD's reports of out of control Hollywood Hills parties, California's reopening of houses of worship, the new statement from Jeffery Epstein's lawyer that claims he was excited to try to clear his name but afraid of his cellmate, the black man in Minneapolis who died shortly after a video was taken of a police officer kneeling on his neck, the viral video of a white woman in Central Park calling the police on a black man, the S&P 500's attempt to end Tuesday's rally above 3,000, Facebook's launching of their new audio calling app: CatchUp, Warner Music's targeted $13.3 billion valuation in IPO, Wayfair's success through the pandemic, the steep decline in the rental car industry, As Seen on Social, and more

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334 - The Karens Are Coming

‘You Can Drop It’ is a best seller! [2:40]

Don’t ask, don’t tell. [4:15]

The gate-keeper's need to chill out. [6:34]

The Great Reopening continues on in California. [14:45]

The latest in the Jeffrey Epstein saga. [18:23]

Racism, very much alive in America: How entitlement is costing people’s lives, the ‘Karen’ pandemic & MORE. [22:00]

Pete Reads the Ads. [35:02]

The stock market is very optimistic, when will reality hit? [36:37]

The Zuck has done it again! [40:45]

Why does the record label matter? [45:50]

Wayfair is thriving amid the pandemic. [52:07]

Rental Car companies are canceled. [56:40]

As Seen on Social. [1:00:00]

Group Chat Announcements. [1:06:08]

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