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Group Chat

Jan 31, 2020

Today we're here to recap the Peppermint Live Show, Super Bowl weekend, Penn National buying Barstool for $450m, Nordstrom launches secondhand shops, Atari hotel?, Facebook stock falls, Amazon and Tesla earnings soar, Robot Tax, American Airlines pilots filing suit to stop China flights, more on the coronavirus, Winners/Losers/Content and more!

Group Chat is built to perform in front of crowds. [1:37]

Superbowl Sunday: The ultimate boondoggle. [6:47]

Barstool Sports has taken on a MASSIVE investment! [12:50]

Nordstrom has made an interesting move. [19:51]

Would you stay at an Atari Hotel? [23:34]

Facebook stock is having a little bit of trouble. [29:25]

Tesla is crushing it! [32:54]

Things are booming over at Amazon. [35:08]

Hug a robot. [40:38]

The coronavirus is now a global emergency! [44:08]

Weekly Winners & Losers. [51:06]

Hottest Content for the Weekend. [59:48]

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