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Group Chat

Apr 28, 2021

Today we're talking about the CDC's decision to allow small outdoor gatherings without masks, Biden's decision to raise the minimum wage to $15 for federal contract workers, Basecamp's banning of politics at work, the cities in which home prices soared the most, Apple's new app-tracking controls, Tesla's sale of Bitcoin and earnings call, Nike's reaction to Simone Biles' leaving, an interview with Kenny Beecham of KOT4Q about his NBA YouTube show, and more.

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Portnoy vs Elon – Group Chat News 4.27.21

  • Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro are the greatest actors of the right. [1:20]
  • Debating the minimum wage increase. [9:20]
  • Should politics be removed from the workplace? [14:07]
  • How most people are ACTUALLY moving to big cities. [24:48]
  • Ad Break. [28:45]
  • Apple has put the hammer down on Facebook! [30:21]
  • Portnoy vs Elon, which side do you fall on? [35:56]
  • Is Nike dropping the ball? [41:10]
  • BIG news for Group Chat alumni Step. [45:55]
  • A Group Chat exclusive interview with Kenny Beecham of KOT4Q. They discuss his new NBA YouTube show, the impact of politics on sports, and much more. [48:11]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:08:25]

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