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Group Chat

Apr 27, 2020

Today we have an interview with LunarMail and their solution to cyber security. Then we're discussing what happened to Kim Jong Un, Wuhan's ties to fentanyl and the drug trade, the 40,000 who congregated on Newport Beach, the possibility that coronavirus has been in California since the fall, Birx's frustration with the fact that Trump's 'inject disinfectant' comment is still circulating on the news, 'The Daily' podcast's deep dive on the origin of the protests of stay-at-home in America, Travis Scott's Fortnite concert for 12.3 million users, Kanye West becoming a billionaire, Bill Gates's former realtor Laura Berry and her decision to leak Gate's real estate transaction, the reopening of NBA facilities, the NFL's first round drafts and the 15.6 million who watched them, Facebook's new competitor for Houseparty, Peloton's stock, the one million kegs of beer that are going stale, and more

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321 - OC is Dumber Than Florida

Protecting your privacy online, a conversation with Ben and Brooks from LunarMail. [2:00]

Anand’s Quarantine Confessions. [14:20]

Dee is going somewhere in life. [18:40]

Zoom is officially over. [20:40]

Adios Kim Jong Un. [28:54]

Wuhan is the worst place on Earth. [32:15]

The dark side of being quarantined. [34:30]

Orange County is the new Florida. [37:45]

Have we passed the worst of this? [45:55]

Why aren’t the smartest people better at marketing? [49:07]

Trump says... [57:08]

Recapping the Travis Scott Fortnite concert. [1:01:53]

Kanye West is now officially a billionaire. [1:07:45]

Updates on the Del Mar Bill Gates transaction. [1:15:30]

DraftKings is a BIG winner during corona times. [1:18:40]

We miss sports. [1:20:07]

Is the NBA coming back sooner than later? [1:23:45]

Earnings week is here. [1:25:16]

There is a real problem in the beer industry. [1:26:02]

The Daily Roundup. [1:28:15]

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