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Group Chat

Jun 21, 2021

Today we're discussing TikTok's 1.9 billion users, Instagram's rollout of Reels ads worldwide, Spotify's launch of Greenroom to compete with Clubhouse, Keep Truckin raising $190 million to invest in AI, which cities restaurant chains dominate, the evolution of drinking, and more.

Happy Father's Day – Group Chat News 6.20.21

  • Happy Father’s Day from Group Chat! [3:23]
  • “The Lazy People” have stuck the comments section. [15:41]
  • Is Instagram the “diet” version of TikTok? [38:37]
  • RIP Clubhouse. [49:15]
  • When you find an opportunity and strike gold! [53:15]
  • Special Announcement: Group Chat “Margaritaville” Countrywide Tour coming to a city near you! [56:27]
  • Coastal elites do NOT like chains. [1:00:12]
  • Why do we drink so often? [1:04:28]
  • Jeyson’s night out in Los Angeles. [1:08:30]

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