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Group Chat

Aug 24, 2021

Today we're discussing the the milk crate challenge, the new study finding 1 in 10 people are invested in crypto, OpenSea's record breaking monthly NFT volume of more than $1.5 billion, Visa's $150k NFT purchase, California's cannabis tax revenue, Walmart's last mile delivery service, Kanye's continuing beef with Drake, As Seen on Social, and more.

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Grandpa's NFT – Group Chat News 8.24.21

  • Happy Birthday Maverick! [1:27]
  • Uber’s COVID exposure exploitation. [3:17]
  • The hottest challenges come from America! [11:02]
  • What is ‘rush week’? [15:30]
  • Ad Break. [20:09]
  • Is crypto more popular than we realized? [22:03]
  • NFTs are BACK and BIGGER than ever! [27:22]
  • Business is BOOMING for cannabis. [48:27]
  • Walmart’s shot at building an online marketplace. [55:40]
  • The Drake/Kayne beef explained. [1:01:13]
  • As Seen on Social. [1:07:41]

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