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Group Chat

Feb 22, 2022

Today, Dee and Anand discuss the lack of patriotism in our country, the effect of war on the US economy, activist investors in the public market, robots in the fast-food kitchen, Donda 2 on the Stem Player, and Britney Spears’ nuts new book deal.

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • When was the last time America likes its President? (1:05) 
  • In terms of their influence on culture, there is no one bigger than Kanye West. (3:29) 
  • The whole purpose of art is for people to HEAR it. (10:14) 
  • The NBA All-Star event is blockbuster! (18:57) 
  • As an employer, you CAN’T be transparent. (23:17) 
  • Automation is coming. (29:31) 
  • Is nationalistic pride quickly fading in America? (34:47) 
  • When will the next crypto run happen? (39:50) 
  • EVERYONE is getting hacked! (42:15) 
  • Carl Icahn is an icon. (48:06) 
  • BIG BAG ALERT for Britney Spears! (53:28) 

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