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Group Chat

Dec 23, 2019

Today is the First Annual Group Chat Awards which include categories like Company of the Year, Scam Artist of the Year, Worst Investment of the Year, Kathy of the Year, IPO of the Year, Idiot of the Year and more! We're also including our predictions for 2020, personal goals 2020, company goals etc.

Company of the Year. [5:24]

Entrepreneur of the Year. [8:54]

Scam Artist of the Year. [11:34]

Best Hustle of the Year. [14:45]

Best Investment of the Year. [18:11]

Worst Investment of the Year. [20:34]

‘Kathy’ of the Year. [26:50]

Winner of the Year. [29:20]

Loser of the Year. [33:00]

Content of the Year. [37:36]

Fake News Story of the Year. [40:55]

Product of the Year. [42:09]

Politician of the Year. [44:17]

Rising Star of the Year. [46:25]

‘Retail Joe’ Stock of the Year. [49:47]

Mode of Transportation of the Year. [51:44]

IPO of the Year. [52:58]

Influencer of the Year. [53:49]

Brand of the Year. [56:41]

Idiot of the Year. [58:12]

Predictions for 2020. [1:00:35]

Best/Worst Stock. [1:01:05]

Best/Worst Private Company. [1:04:10]

Uber/Peloton/Lyft/Juul. [1:07:48]

President. [1:09:14]

Facebook Breakup? [1:10:50]

Winner. [1:12:00]

Loser. [1:13:00]

Best Content. [1:15:06]

54 Reckless. [1:16:33]

Personal. [1:18:00]

Will Dee break 40K followers on Instagram? [1:19:54]

Will Drama run over/under 3.5 miles? [1:20:32]

Will Group Chat do a nationwide tour? [1:21:03]

Will Pete still have a job? [1:21:25]

Who will get canceled next year? [1:23:45]

What company will go out of business? [1:25:30]

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