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Group Chat

Jan 24, 2022

Today we're discussing Odell Beckham Jr.'s salary, Peloton's unfavorable portrayal in Billions, the Nasdaq composite being down 11%, tech earnings, Warren Buffett closing in on Cathie Wood, Hong Kong's zero-COVID curbs, Shopify cutting ties with fullfillment centers, and more.

Fat Now, Skinny Never – Group Chat News 1.23.22

  • Why you shouldn’t stoke a sports fan. [1:03]
  • Anand is our sponsor. [11:00]
  • Peloton cannot catch a break. [16:21]
  • What the recent stock market slide is telling us. [23:08]
  • Warren Buffett is looking really good right about now. [29:21]
  • Why you may want to buy treasury bonds and stay away from crypto. [31:05]
  • All news is bad news in earnings land. [36:10]
  • Are the Chinese people sick of the overbearing treatment of the pandemic? [44:37]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [54:53]
  • Group Chat Announcements. [55:56]

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