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Group Chat

Apr 20, 2020

Today we're discussing social media's targeting of Bill Gates after his disagreement with Trump, the protests against stay-at-home orders, the 60% of Americans who support those orders, the Venice skate park that was filled in with sand to prevent gatherings, the people of Wuhan are continuing to social distance despite the ban being lifted, recovered patients in South Korea are either testing positive again or their tests were faulty, Apple's new 'cheap' iPhone, Neiman Marcus filing for bankruptcy, the record number of bets against the stock market, Millennial Word Monday, and more

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318 – Zuckerberg and Anand BFFs?

The severe markup to get a test. [1:47]

How will single people react to a re-opening? [4:40]

The Teddy Riley/Babyface IG Live debacle. [6:00]

Anand was virtually star stuck on an app. [9:09]

It’s time to build. [13:13]

Is Bill Gates enemy number 1? [17:22]

Why are people protesting stay at-home orders? [20:25]

The Venice Skate Park covered in sand. [25:16]

How COVID-19 has already caused permanent behavioral changes. [26:48]

Is re-infection possible? [30:38]

Pete reads the Ads. [33:55]

A case study of how people have spent their stimulus check. [36:42]

In a sign of things to come Neiman Marcus has filed for bankruptcy. [42:50]

The stock market is a joke. [44:23]

Millennial Word Monday. [49:27]

Tik Tok Trend of the Week. [52:47]

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