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Group Chat

Sep 28, 2020

Today we're discussing the pandemic pallets grocers are stocking up on, Dr. Fauci's warning about vitamin D deficiencies, Trump's consideration of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court, Xi's "assimilation" of Muslims in Xinjiang, Sleep or Chill HOLISTIK Wellness's Sleep or Chill segment featuring TJ Stouder, David Attenborough's record rise to 1 million Instagram followers, the future of TikTok, Poshmark's confidential filing for IPO, United Airlines' and American Airlines' enormous layoff, Palantir's $22 billion valuation, and more.

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Your Favorite Far Left Podcast – Group Chat News

  • Tim, your favorite stock advisor. [3:30]
  • Whatever opinion you do have, there are so many ways you can view it. [8:25]
  • Not to worry, ‘pandemic pallets’ are being stockpiled for the Winter. [17:00]
  • How to determine if you are vitamin D deficient. [22:00]
  • Who is Amy Coney Barrett? [26:38]
  • Xi says China will continue efforts to ‘assimilate’ Muslims in Xinjiang. [33:47]
  • Sleep or Chill with Holistok Wellness CEO, TJ Stouder. [37:03]
  • They said Instagram was a young man’s game. [56:09]
  • The latest on the TikTok saga. [58:46]
  • Every single VC-backed company is trying to figure a way to go public. [1:02:30]
  • A scary deadline is approaching for the airline industry. [1:06:17]
  • Group Chat Conversations: Politics, tech and finding talent. [1:10:00]
  • Nobody knows what Palantir does. [1:19:06]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:23:00]

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