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Group Chat

Jul 21, 2021

Today we're chatting about Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin space flight, Square's new small business banking, Virgil Abloh's sale of Off-White to LVMH, Robinhood's IPO and $35 billion valuation, the biggest marriage boom since 1984, Caitlyn Jenner's tax returns, As Seen on Social, and more.

Why Space Matters – Group Chat News 7.20.21

  • Should the NBA be concerned about their ratings? [1:26]
  • Why space matters. [8:50]
  • Square to now take on banking. [20:54]
  • LVMH is ALL-IN on Virgil Abloh and the Off-White brand. [25:25]
  • Breaking down the Robinhood IPO. [30:51]
  • Weddings are BOOMING! [36:01]
  • Dip and Rip. [45:24]
  • Caitlyn Jenner needs money. [47:00]
  • As Seen on Social. [50:53]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [58:35]

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