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Group Chat

Nov 25, 2019

Today we're asking Koreen about "We're Not Really Strangers" and discussing the new APL store opening as well as Roger Federer's deal with "On" running shoes, Giuliani's threats to release Biden documents, Michael Bloomberg's entrance to the 2020 democratic race, Hong Kong's road to democracy, Dubai's excess of malls, baby boomers' 21 million homes going on the market over the next 20 years, Elon Musk's Cybertruck orders, LVMH's $16 billion Tiffany bid, and more.

We’re Not Really Strangers: A rare cult like following. [4:22]

APL Grand Opening Recap. [25:16]

How there are niche groups of people who wear certain brands. [30:09]

Giuliani is going to be locked up! [34:29]

Does Michael Bloomberg stand a chance in 2020? [38:38]

Hong Kong Protest Updates: Should China be scared? [42:47]

Does Dubai have too many malls?! [47:48]

Why the next generation is NOT going to buy a home. [54:30]

Will Group Chat be purchasing a ‘cyber truck’? [59:25]

Is the LVMH/Tiffany deal really happening? [1:05:05]

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