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Group Chat

Dec 29, 2020

After a long holiday break, we're back to reflect on December as the deadliest month of the pandemic for the U.S., and then discuss Beverly Hills restaurant La Scala's planning of a secret New Year's Eve party, Trump's signing of a COVID relief bill, the Nashville bomber, the US Army soldier responsible for the bowling alley shooting, the Chinese producer for Netflix's 'The Three-Body Problem' who was poisoned, China's antitrust probe targeting Alibaba, Mariah Carey breaking the single-day spotify record, the Christmas release of 'Soul' and 'Wonder Woman 1984,' Square's talks of purchasing Tidal, the Barstool Fund, and more.

We're Back! - Group Chat News

  • A very quarantine Group Chat Christmas. [1:38]
  • A star is born on media’s biggest platform! [7:03]
  • Why people are buying into cryptocurrency. [17:58]
  • Clubhouse is EXPLODING! [26:07]
  • Is La Scala a one-trick pony? [35:52]
  • What does the Government think they’re solving with $600? [39:10]
  • Is this Nashville bombing a window into the future? [46:10]
  • The true effects of America’s flaws. [55:55]
  • Do not mess with the Chinese Government! [59:02]
  • Mariah Carey bringing in the Christmas spirit. [1:05:00]
  • Is the future of the movie business streaming? [1:08:00]
  • Jack Dorsey x Jay-Z. [1:14:04]
  • Why Dave Portnoy can’t lose. [1:17:41]
  • The bizarre story surrounding Alec Baldwin’s wife. [1:22:18]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:25:57]

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