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Group Chat

Mar 23, 2022

Today, Dee and Anand are joined by special guest Paul Ripke. First, the brothers break down the top shows about CEOs and discuss the possible influence on up and coming entrepreneurs. Then, Paul joins and the three of them hit it off while discussing the American vs German experience, the rise of F1 viewership in America, Nike earnings, pumping gas, and staying hydrated with Liquid IV.

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • Solid advice on how to approach your entrepreneurship journey. (1:02) 
  • The fine line between delusion and genius. (3:47) 
  • Catching up with friend of the pod, Paul Ripke. (23:30) 
  • Ad Break. (36:42) 
  • The appeal of Formula 1. (39:27) 
  • Group Chat hot takes on Nike’s latest earnings report. (46:01) 
  • Something has to give. (54:00) 
  • Is Andreessen Horowitz trying to corner Web3? (58:30) 
  • Vitalik’s hot take on the current state of crypto. (1:00:34) 
  • America is amazing. (1:04:20) 

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