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Group Chat

Nov 20, 2019

Today on Group Chat we have Ilana Muhlstein, creator of 2B Mindset discussing nutrition questions and giving some tips to be healthier. We're also talking Kylie's $600m sell, Epstein's guards getting arrested, TikTok wanting to get away from its China ties, Kanye & Dr. Dre making an album?, Vegan sues Burger King and more!

Group Chat is joined by their resident health expert, Ilana Muhlstein. [1:18] Which is worse for you, two hits of a Juul or two beers? [7:32]

What’s the deal with milk? Is it bad for us? What is the best one? [11:31] What is the biggest scam in the fitness industry? [16:50]

Is the CBD trend being overdone? [18:10]

“Water first, veggies most.” [23:10]

Kylie is King! [26:25]

We finally have some action on this Jeffrey Epstein drama. [34:28] Will TikTok be able to shake off their ties to China? [36:45]

What’s the deal with this Kanye and Dr. Dre photo op? Is there a rap conspiracy? [39:52]

Is there a bias in today’s mainstream press? [45:53]

Should Burger King be liable for their plant based sandwich being cooked in beef fat? [50:03] List of places where salaries are growing the fastest. [54:44]

Subscribe to the Newsletter to see more of Taylor’s stupid hat. [58:07] Group Chat housekeeping notes. [59:30]

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