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Group Chat

Mar 28, 2022

Tonight, Drama and Dee are joined by a long-time friend of the pod, Eric Dlux. They break down the Will Smith bitch slap, the Oscars, and the top news stories coming out of the weekend!

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • The slap heard around the world. Too crazy to be real? (1:34) 
  • Why Group Chat believes the Oscars are cricket town. (10:09) 
  • Apple’s brilliant plan. Would you subscribe? (24:54) 
  • Joe Rogan, un-cancelable. (28:54) 
  • Complaining or venting? Know your audience. (35:38) 
  • Interesting move by Victoria’s Secret. (40:10) 
  • Sometimes sh** goes on sale. (54:27) 
  • It’s game time FaZe. (57:54) 
  • In luxury, you are always one collaboration/creative director from exploding! (1:01:02) 
  • Eric is a BIG Sesame Street guy. (1:07:20) 

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