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Group Chat

Jun 26, 2020

Today we're discussing California setting the record for highest daily cases of COVID-19, the hospitalization highs of southern, western states, Disneyland's delayed reopen, the 1.48 million first-time unemployment filings last week, the new poll that puts Biden six points ahead of Trump, Booker's lead over McGrath for senate in Kentucky's Democratic primary, the way new tariffs will affect wine imports, the new investments in Lebron James' SpringHill, Steve Bing's suicide, founder Greg Glassman's decision to sell CrossFit, the America's merger with F45 fitness from Australia, American advertisers boycotting facebook, Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, and more

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We Care About Corona, Does Anyone Else? - Group Chat News

  • Making smoking weed approachable for people. A conversation with Noah Annes, Co-Founder/CEO of Palms Premium. [6:33]
  • US coronavirus cases are soaring! [22:37]
  • Disneyland, a hot bed for Karen's. [35:58]
  • Something is not adding up with these unemployment numbers. [42:14]
  • Group Chat talk politics. [50:04]
  • Pete Reads the Ads. [59:05]
  • Lebron James helping the push for diversity in entertainment. [1:02:25]
  • The alarming tale of Steve Bing. [1:07:53]
  • CrossFit Founder selling the company. [1:11:53]
  • F45 is going public. [1:12:56]
  • Boycott Facebook? [1:16:01]
  • Weekly Winners & Losers. [1:19:13]
  • Hottest Content for the Weekend. [1:27:20]
  • Group Chat Announcements. [1:31:42]

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