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Group Chat

Dec 21, 2020

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Today we've got thoracic surgeon Dr. Hari Keshava on the pod to talk about his experience with the COVID vaccine and update us on ICU bed capacity in Los Angeles. Then we're discussing the U.K.'s emergency lockdown in response to a new strain of COVID-19, the advised prioritization of minorities for the vaccine, the 200 victims of an enormous Russian hack, Rhianna's lingerie brand and budding athletic wear brand, Travis Scott's 'Cacti' hard seltzer brand, Pastor Carl Lentz's celebrity sex scandal from 2014, the Super Bowl's advertisement bargain, and more.

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Vaccinated – Group Chat News

  • An exclusive interview with thoracic surgeon Dr. Hari Keshava. They discuss his experience with the COVID vaccine, updates on the ICU bed capacity in Los Angeles, and much more! [2:08]
  • Group Chat Reads the Ads. [36:47]
  • Why is Russia the all-star team of hackers?! [41:13]
  • Shout out to Rihanna. [47:30]
  • BIG news for Travis Scott. [54:20]
  • Carl Lentz, bad for business. [56:43]
  • Are Super Bowl ads outdated? [1:04:32]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:08:24]

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