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Group Chat

Jul 22, 2020

Today we're discussing Kanye's breakdown at his South Carolina rally and subsequent Twitter rant, Ghislaine Maxwell's $25,000 payment to a fake reporter to 'smear Epstein victims' and fire prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, the misogynist lawyer who shot the son and husband of the judge assigned to the Epstein Deutsche Bank case, the protests in Portland, the violence in Chicago, Trump's decision to send more forces into cities with civil unrest, Trump's tweet comparing wearing face masks to being patriotic, the rape allegations against former Fox News star Ed Henry, Trader Joe's decision to eliminate 'racist' produce names, the delayed release of Christopher Nolan's new film 'Tenet,' the poll revealing increased skepticism of the COVID-19 death toll, the increasing permanent closures of restaurants, As Seen on Social, and more.

Trader Raj – Group Chat News

  • Is this the worst Kanye meltdown yet? [5:33]
  • Conspiracy theorists are having a field day! [22:00]
  • The WILD story involving Judge Esther Salas. [28:32]
  • Is Portland the ‘woke’ capital of the world? [37:20]
  • Solving the long-term problem of intercity violence. [39:06]
  • Donald Trump is a BIG, BIG mask guy. [44:55]
  • Pete Reads the Ads. [49:52]
  • Should Trader Joe’s be canceled? [53:06]
  • Movie theaters are a wrap. [58:48]
  • The skeptics of the coronavirus death toll. [1:07:34]
  • The wave of restaurant closures is coming. [1:15:25]
  • As Seen on Social. [1:22:20]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:27:02]

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