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Group Chat

Sep 24, 2021

Today we've got Ali Qureshi, founder of Car Trackers on the pod to talk about the booming car market. Then we're discussing the banks in China that are downplaying Evergrande's missed payments, Goat and Gucci's CEO deciding to invest in Grailed, Vestiaire Collective's €178M funding round, Toast's founders becoming billionaires after the IPO, Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, and more.

The Party Never Stops – Group Chat News 9.23.21

  • A Group Chat exclusive interview with Ali Qureshi, founder of The Car Trackers, to discuss the booming car market. [1:26]
  • The Murthy’s and The Bae. [22:00]
  • Checking back in with Evergrande. [33:45]
  • The party never stops in the resale market. [37:36]
  • Billionaire is the new millionaire. [48:33]
  • You can now transfer your fake crypto on Robinhood. [50:37]
  • Winners, Losers, and Content Recommendations. [52:28]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:10:00]

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