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Group Chat

Jun 19, 2020

Today we're discussing Bolton's claim that Trump's impeachment inquiry overlooked other wrongful actions, the Supreme Court's decision to support DACA, the police officer who cried about her McDonald's order being wrong, racist logos like Aunt Jemima, Amber Heard's threesome with Cara Delevingne and Elon Musk, the 20-year-old Robinhood user who committed suicide after seeing his balance was $-730,000, the cruise dates that were postponed, Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, and more


Systemic Karenism – Group Chat News

  • John Bolton sold out the country for books. [3:48]
  • Another landmark ruling for the ‘Dreamers’. [8:47]
  • Donald Trump, a real lesson in self-belief. [12:58]
  • Holding on to that old thinking is NOT good for business anymore. [17:15]
  • Where is the systemic ‘Karen’ problem coming from? [23:10]
  • Understanding the superhuman that is Elon Musk. [30:20]
  • Pete Reads the Ads. [34:25]
  • Robinhood is at a moral crossroads. [36:30]
  • It’s going to be a rocky go for American travel. [45:10]
  • Weekly Winners & Losers. [48:52]
  • Hottest Content for the Weekend. [56:20]
  • Group Chat Announcements. [1:01:00]

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