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Group Chat

Jul 26, 2021

Today we're discussing the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony drawing the lowest number of viewers in 33 years, US Swimming's success and US Women's Gymnastics falling short, Russia's ban from the Olympics, Florida's surge in hospitalizations, the threats to sue Fox News for anti-vax statements causing people to die, Pfizer's effectiveness against the variant, China's criticism of the "incomplete map" NBC Universal showed, China's orders to Tencent to give up exclusive music licensing rights, Snapchat's rapid growth, the end of the hard seltzer craze, and more.

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Snooze Fest Ceremony – Group Chat News 7.25.21

  • Recapping the Grand Running Club 5k/10k/Half-Marathon race. [1:24]
  • Kanye operates in a different way. [13:02]
  • How will Miami fare after the delta variant? [17:28]
  • Recapping the opening ceremony, Olympic competition so far, and what’s going on with the ROC? [19:05]
  • Ad Break. [32:10]
  • Florida is SURGING and not in a good way. [33:37]
  • Why are football players on their ‘high horse’ about getting the vaccine? [39:19]
  • Being extreme is good for ratings. [43:07]
  • Your weekly Group Chat China update. [48:08]
  • The dip and rip is REAL! [51:03]
  • Shout out to Evan Spiegel! [52:01]
  • Has the hard seltzer craze come to a HARD stop? [1:01:55]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:06:33]

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