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Group Chat

Jan 25, 2023

Today, Dee and Anand discuss the latest tech and business news, including Microsoft's impressive earnings report, Google's monopoly accusations, 2023 Oscar nominations, and Justin Bieber selling his music rights. They also highlight Sierra Canyon's basketball players selected as McDonald's All-Americans and Ghislaine Maxwell's belief that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in prison. The Doomsday Clock being moved to 90 seconds to midnight is also discussed, signaling more peril than ever.

- written by ChatGPT

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • Is New York over?! (1:10) 
  • Would you take a shot to lose weight? (2:42) 
  • Loud firing. (6:53) 
  • Investors are looking for an excuse to buy in 2023, rather than an excuse to sell in 2022. (8:42) 
  • If you serve people junk, they will eat it. (13:08) 
  • The exclusive Chatty Kathy Discord is coming! (19:28) 
  • The Oscars nominations are out! Have you seen any of these movies? (19:57) 
  • Justin Bieber got the BAG! (24:28) 
  • Amazon’s BIG move into healthcare. (27:18) 
  • Walmart is raising the minimum wage. (31:14) 
  • Want to advertise on Group Chat? (33:10) 
  • The world doesn’t know how the world works. (33:43) 
  • Anything is possible at this point. (36:20) 
  • The things that shape the views of America. (40:00) 
  • Is SF coming back?! (44:57)

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