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Group Chat

Aug 3, 2022

Today, Dee and Anand are joined by special guest Zach White to discuss the markets, Uber's earnings, Ferrari's record quarter, PepsiCo's new ownership in Celsius, Pelosi's Taiwan visit, the killing of an Al-Qaeda leader, and much more.

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • Where did the money for these funds go?! (0:47) 
  • This is NOT financial advice. (9:23) 
  • The best things are built TOGETHER! (13:03) 
  • You print more money and chill. (20:26) 
  • The Robinhood customer has LEFT the party. (23:05) 
  • There are A LOT of random hustles on the internet. (28:36) 
  • Luxury is on FIRE! (37:33) 
  • Anand’s greatest call in HISTORY! (40:04) 
  • Ballin’ is BACK with ReinventU! (44:45) 
  • Nancy Pelosi, America stands with Taiwan. (50:11) 
  • Sleep Joe woke up! (54:29) 
  • Why is Kanye so miserable to work with? (57:14) 
  • It’s an amazing time to build! (1:02:54) 
  • Hot takes on the upcoming LA Tech Week. (1:05:32) 

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