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Group Chat

Jul 30, 2021

Today we're discussing the CDC's changes in mask guidance in response to Delta, Disneyland's indoor mask policy regardless of vaccination, Biden's requirement for federal workers to get vaccinated, the U.S. GDP rising only 6.5% last quarter, scammers stealing more than $87 billion in unemployment funds, Walmart's plan to pay 100% of its associates college tuition, Amazon's $100 billion quarter, Facebook's warning about the slowing of its growth, Facebook's fastest growth since 2016, Zuckerberg's plans for the metaverse, Robinhood's stock price falling after their IPO, Starbucks' cold beverage sales beating their hot coffee sales, the end of the housing boom, Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, and more.

Robin the Hood – Group Chat News 7.29.21

  • Fine comments on both sides regarding the Simone Biles conversation. [2:04]
  • The vaccine convenience factor. [22:22]
  • Are we in for a tough second half of the year? [28:15]
  • Why has the housing market slowed down? [34:40]
  • Earnings Chat: Amazon misses' expectations and Facebook’s growth curve. [37:31]
  • The future of Facebook is the ‘metaverse’. [46:05]
  • What is it about hot coffee that has turned off Gen Z? [50:12]
  • Robin’ the Hood. [54:43]
  • Winners, Losers, and Content Recommendations. [1:00:08]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:08:31]

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