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Group Chat

Mar 29, 2021

Today we're chatting about ThredUp's 43% jump out of the gate, the changes to Georgia's voting laws, new conspiracy theories about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, the link between smoking and obesity, Lil Nas X's "Satan Shoes" made with human blood, and more.

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President Dee 2044 – Group Chat News 3.28.21

  • A Group Chat exclusive interview with Ash Mokhber, founder of Khan. They discuss the importance of having a daily skincare routine, and a valuable lesson all entrepreneurs need to hear. [2:36]
  • Drama still has clout. [15:47]
  • Are there more annoying people than there are creators? [19:13]
  • Why are marketplaces in fashion worth so much money?! [22:03]
  • The Georgia voting overhaul explained. [27:52]
  • What drives people to accept conspiracy theories? [31:35]
  • The unpopular reason why obesity rates are shooting through the roof. [38:53]
  • Lil Nas X, the master troll. [46:44]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [51:07]

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