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Group Chat

Dec 21, 2022

Today, Dee and Anand discuss Anand’s Thailand trip, Elon’s Tesla and Twitter problem, Mat Ishbia’s purchase of the Phoenix Suns, FedEx’s earnings, Nike’s earnings, FTX’s located cash, and O.J. Simpson’s latest interview.

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • Anand’s Thailand wedding vacation. (0:52) 
  • Has the Twitter experiment ruined Elon’s career? (10:54) 
  • The NBA now has its youngest owner. (23:55) 
  • Will having kids at 45 become the new normal? (31:15) 
  • Ad Break: Man Crates. (41:24) 
  • A discussion on FedEx and Nike’s latest earnings report. (43:42) 
  • Good news if you’re an investor in FTX! (53:28) 
  • The Full-Send Podcast has balls! (55:21) 

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