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Group Chat

Jul 31, 2023

Tonight, Drama, Dee, and Anand discuss the latest music and finance news. They dive into Travis Scott's "UTOPIA" first-week sales projections and explore the impact of the Fed's rate hikes on the S&P 500, which now sits 5% higher. The trio also delves into the astonishing $121 billion increase in American households' investment income compared to last year. Lastly, they unravel the mystery surrounding a Chinese bio-lab discovered in a remote California city, leaving everyone bewildered. Tune in for a captivating episode!

 - Written by ChatGPT

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • Anand is back and has some thoughts on the last two pods. (2:08) 

  • Golf chat. (14:37) 

  • The best foods to eat when it's hot. (19:40) 

  • The guy’s review of the latest Travis Scott album. (20:40) 

  • Where is music heading? (31:09) 

  • The new trend in streetwear. (33:20) 

  • Will the history books show J Powell won? (37:52) 

  • The “conservative” vs the “dummy.” (44:30) 

  • Stop with the financial advice of buying a home. (53:56) 

  • Get your tin foil panda dunks on! (1:13:30) 

  • Group Chat New Merch alert. (1:38:54) 

  • Anand’s advice corner. (1:39:25) 

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