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Group Chat

Jan 31, 2022

Today we're talking about Peyton Manning revealing his love for 'Emily in Paris' on his surprise SNL appearance, Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet's earnings, Harry and Meghan's thoughts on Joe Rogan and their $25 million partnership with Spotify, Austrailia's vaccination warning to Ye West, Ticket sales being up 100%, and more.

Male Event Guy – Group Chat News 1.30.22

  • The Super Bowl is set. [2:15]
  • The power of the NFL. [11:53]
  • Group Chat predictions for earnings this week. [17:34]
  • Will the politicians ever change their tune on lockdowns? [22:52]
  • The Joe Rogan controversy adds a new twist. [32:25]
  • Kanye versus Australia. [38:12]
  • When the nerds battle it out on Twitter. [39:22]
  • Male event guy, Dee Murthy. [46:53]

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