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Group Chat

Dec 29, 2021

Today we're discussing Peloton's steep drop in Google searches, Decentraland preparing for its first fashion week, Kraken's plans for a new marketplace for customers to take out loans backed by NFTs, Facebook's surging Oculus sales, the $900 billion cash pile inflating startup valuations, Nordstrom considering a spinoff of the off-price rack business, the future of buy now/ pay later businesses, COVID outbreaks in college football, and more.

Let the Party Continue – Group Chat News 12.28.21

  • Peloton’s post-Christmas news alert! [0:56]
  • Why there are so many opportunities in business that are regional. [18:25]
  • Can the Metaverse replace fashion week? [22:26]
  • You will soon be able to lend against your NFT portfolio. [26:37]
  • Return of the Zuck! [31:27]
  • The investor party isn’t stopping anytime soon. [39:08]
  • How is Nordstrom Rack not doing well?! [44:12]
  • Buy now, pay later? [48:09]
  • Will these latest COVID outbreaks cancel your plans? [52:48]

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