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Group Chat

Feb 23, 2022

Today, the whole gang talk Meta VS Tiktok, Coinbase flops, Amazon lawsuits, chemical laced baby formula, dwindling Olympics ratings, Trump’s Truth app, and World War III. We also have an interview with Caleb & Ramah from YagerLidge, a brand new luxury bag company with products sourced from and inspired by Ethiopia.

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • A Group Chat exclusive interview with Caleb & Ramah from YagerLidge. They discuss their Five Four incubator experience, the history of their culture and luxury, and a call to Kathy’s to help support their Kickstarter project. (2:10) 
  • It’s red everywhere! (17:12) 
  • Who gets the credit for the success of the Coinbase Super Bowl ad? (32:38) 
  • The review system on Amazon is fake! (36:13) 
  • It is MIND BLOWING at the speed Meta is working. (41:00) 
  • Is this the end of COVID mandates as we know it? (46:50) 
  • More bad stories surrounding the supply-chain problems. (57:48) 
  • The Olympics viewership is cricket town. (1:03:34) 
  • Are we going to war? (1:09:34) 
  • Trump is #1! (1:11:04) 

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