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Group Chat

Nov 22, 2021

Today we're discussing Citadel CEO Kenneth Griffin outbidding crypto investors for a copy of the U.S. Constitution, Drake and Kanye's concert in LA, Peng Shuai reappearing in Beijing, the judge that banned MSNBC but allowed Tucker Carlson to film a Kyle Rittenhouse documentary, Elon Musk's email to Tesla employees about music on the job, and more.

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Ken Griffin vs The Internet – Group Chat News 11.21.21

  • BIG name change! [1:07]
  • In Vitalik we trust? [14:30]
  • Ken Griffin vs The Internet. [18:21]
  • Drake to join Kanye for LA concert. [32:40]
  • Ad Break: Ledger. [36:33]
  • Speculating on what celebrities will attend the Drake/Kanye concert. [41:34]
  • Should you be forced to stand up against China? [47:30]
  • Kyle Rittenhouse, the Amanda Gorman of the right? [1:03:20]
  • Elon says you have 3 options. [1:13:26]

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