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Group Chat

Mar 25, 2020

Today we've got our first gender reveal and then we're discussing the man who died trying to take chloroquine (the coronavirus cure Trump mentioned), the results of the U.S. Olympic committee's poll about postponing the games, how South Korea flattened the curve, work from home tips, the N95 mask, the rent crisis, Trump's hope to end the quarantine by Easter, the coronavirus stimulus package, how Biden is adjusting his campaign amid the pandemic, Greta Thunberg's post about having the coronavirus, Kim Kardashian's reaction to the leaked Kanye video, how fashion influencers are adjusting their content, hotel occupancies are down 80-90%, WeWork's memo to their employees, the virus's effect on advertising, Neiman Marcus is contemplating bankruptcy, the corporate executives who sold their shares in time, As Seen On Social, and more.


307 – Kardashians Can’t Beat Corona

Group Chat’s first gender reveal! [1:47]

Group Chat’s supermarket observations. [5:40]

What does work furlough mean for you, how you can begin collecting unemployment & MORE. [10:55]

E-commerce is primed to surge. [15:30]

The latest coronavirus numbers, is quarantine the right form of action & MORE. [18:50]

A prime example of why Trump is a bad leader. [28:23]

Where is Joe Biden? [34:05]

What is going on with the stimulus package? [37:48]

Should Americans worry about being evicted? [43:30]

What item will define this era? [49:10]

A lot of questions surrounding Greta Thunberg. [56:40]

The Kardashian’s are not pandemic proof. [58:38]

Does the world need influencers at this moment in time? [1:02:37]

The latest business news that has hit the headlines. [1:04:37]

As Seen on Social. [1:14:28]

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