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Group Chat

Oct 23, 2019

Today we have special guest Brian Toll from the Hwood group in to talk Halloween weekend, Kanye's big bday gift, South Park nears $500m in streaming rights, Lori Laughlin charges, Kylie's rise and shine, the start of the NBA season, Netflix's viewership numbers, WeWork bailout, Lyft stock jumping, some big shoe company CEOs stepping down, Nordstrom and more!

Self-proclaimed “Best Guest Ever,” Brian Toll from the HWood Group in studio. [2:21]

Kanye gives $1M to prison reform charities for Kim K.'s birthday. [12:00]

'South Park' close to $500 million streaming deal. [16:23]

Is Netflix lying about their viewership? [19:56]

The systemic problem at elite colleges, highlighted by the ‘Varsity Blues’ scandal. [23:57]

Kylie Jenner + TikTok = 1B. [27:20]

NBA Kickoff: Is Group Chat excited? [31:16]

WeWork loses, yet Adam Neumann is still leaving a winner. HOW?? [34:16]

Lyft forecasting is a JOKE! [39:37]

Is Nike filled with dead bodies everywhere?? CEO steps down amid cheating allegations. [42:06]

Who is the person to take Under Armour to the next level? [46:15]

Do you tip your Uber driver?? [47:32]

Nordstrom NYC taking risks to enhance their business. [53:34]

Is good old Mayor Pete Buttigeg more connected than we thought?? [55:41]

Brian’s Halloween party recommendations this weekend in LA? [1:02:13]

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