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Group Chat

Aug 24, 2020

Today we're discussing the legacy of Kobe Bryant, if businesses will delay their Labor Day reopening plans, Trump's plasma treatment authorization, Portland's police allowing a civil war between the Proud Boys and Antifa, California's second and third largest wildfires raging, NASA's discovery of an asteroid that will hit earth right before election day, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo's prison sentences, the criminal tax inquiry against billionaire Robert Smith, the rebellious actions of Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia, Kim Jong-Un's coma, TikTok's plans to challenge the ban set by Trump, Fatburger's purchase of Johnny Rockets, the success of Panera's unlimited coffee, and more.

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Happy Birthday Kobe – Group Chat News

  • Happy Birthday Kobe! [2:05]
  • Pete’s famous. [13:00]
  • A conversation with Rob (aka @Ballin) on a special discount from Hassell Cattle Company. Act NOW! [15:50]
  • We are not opening because we have a plan. [22:40]
  • Trump is rolling the ultimate dice. [26:41]
  • Are people over the coronavirus? [32:15]
  • Oh sure, an asteroid may be heading our way. [33:55]
  • Portland, the epicenter of “wokeness.” [37:35]
  • California wildfires are out of hand. [49:57]
  • Pete Reads the Ads. [53:00]
  • Some real rich people ride or die stuff. [54:51]
  • Billionaire Robert Smith’s fall from grace. [1:02:39]
  • Kellyanne Conway’s daughter is VERY active on social media. [1:08:56]
  • You are not fooling me twice Kim Jong-Un. [1:11:38]
  • Is TikTok here to stay?! [1:15:05]
  • Fatburger just ‘stole’ Johnny Rockets. [1:19:40]
  • Panera cashing in on the ‘long-term’ customer. [1:22:37]
  • Group Chat Announcements. [1:25:27]

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