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Group Chat

Mar 23, 2020

Today we're discussing the Trump official's prediction that the country will be on lockdown for 10-12 weeks, the places this economic downturn will have the most devastating effect on, what to do if you're unemployed by coronavirus, the pivotal point New York area hospitals have reached, the advantages of the wealthy in getting tests, class warfare in the Hamptons, the new July 15th tax deadline, the family of the well-endowed-man meme want to make some money, the world's largest long-haul airline stopping most flights, which stocks senators knew to unload before the crash, the economic turmoil to come, Walmart's new bonus for employees, Millennial Word Monday, and more.


306 – Great Depression: 30% Unemployment

Dee’s BIG scare from over the weekend. [1:40]

Who is DJ D-Nice and is he having a moment? [7:55]

The most recent updates surrounding the coronavirus. How we are programmed to love a good pandemic. [11:47]

Group Chat Predications: When will the hysteria end? [29:30]

What industries/cities will get hit the hardest? [31:55]

The only way to truly solve the virus. [38:25]

See you later New York. [41:50]

The wealth inequality when it comes to getting tested. [43:42]

Group Chat Ad’s. [50:50]

Updates on the most famous d***. [53:15]

What year will the airlines revenue surpass 2019’s revenue as a market? [55:50]

Why working from home is NOT for everyone. [58:44]

Lock those senators up! [1:02:50]

The pulse of Middle America and our youth. [1:05:30]

Millennial Word Monday. [1:09:35]

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