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Group Chat

Feb 28, 2022

Tonight, Drama’s back in the studio! Dee and Drama discuss president Zelenskyy’s badassery, why Elon Musk should be left alone, how humans suck at passwords, Nike deleting Footlocker with one announcement and some crazy NFL Sunday Ticket bidding.

Timeline of What was Discussed:

  • Dee’s an outdoorsman. (1:36) 
  • Is war good for business? (10:14) 
  • Elon is a superhero! (22:09) 
  • These are the most common passwords used. (28:39) 
  • What’s going on with the stock market?! (32:27) 
  • Nike is a lone wolf. (36:25) 
  • Robinhood is in the shitter! (42:51) 
  • Where are the new movies?! (50:18) 
  • BIG news in the moving and storage world. (55:20) 
  • Who will win the bidding war for NFL Sunday Ticket? (59:17) 
  • Is Beyond Meat over? (1:01:53) 
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. (1:05:07) 
  • Group Chat now has a Snapchat! (1:06:00) 

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