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Group Chat

Jun 25, 2021

Today we're discussing, Carnival cruise bookings increasing by 45%, Amazon Prime Day's 'soft' numbers, Morgan Stanley CEO's warning to work from home employees, the passing of John McAfee and the conspiracy theories behind it, Fast and Furious 9, Britney Spears' 13-year conservatorship, Yang losing in NYC, Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, and more.

Free Britney – Group Chat News 6.24.21

  • Is there way more money in comedy? [1:33]
  • The BIGGEST news, with regards to COVID, that is NOT being discussed. [12:08]
  • Cruises are BACK and BOOMING! [26:40]
  • Were Prime Day sales ‘soft’? [33:05]
  • When it comes to the work from home debate, the market will work itself out. [38:15]
  • RIP John McAfee. [44:50]
  • ‘F9’ numbers will be BONKERS! [49:56]
  • Free Britney! [53:06]
  • #YangGang got clobbered. [58:12]
  • Winners, Losers, and Content Recommendations. [1:04:43]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:18:11]

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