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Group Chat

Feb 28, 2020

Today we've got Andrew and Ben, the Boba Guys, in the studio for an interview and a debate about plastic straws. We're also discussing the Coronavirus' effect on Mircrosoft's supply chain, the effectiveness of face masks, Facebook cancelling its biggest conference, the White House limiting their interviews on the virus, Hong Kong is using the Andrew Yang method of boosting its economy, its effect on homeschooling, Bloomberg trying to get Yang on board, lynching is finally outlawed, Hank Azaria feels guilty about his racist voice for Apu on The Simpsons, The launching of Walmart+, DoorDash filing for IPO, and more.


296 – Everyone Have a Corona this Weekend

The Boba Guys in the studio to discuss their history, the great plastic straw debate & MORE. [1:24]

The coronavirus fallout has begun! The companies impacted, the companies that will NOT be impacted, global impact & MORE. [20:44]

Can the #YangGang keep Bloomberg in the race? [36:30]

Only this week lynching was made illegal in America! [38:17]

It’s easy to have a conscience when your rich and it doesn’t affect your pocketbook. [39:40]

Walmart is coming after Amazon. [43:00]

DoorDash files for IPO. [46:05]

Weekly Winners & Losers. [50:30]

Hottest Content for the Weekend. [57:17]

Pete’s Random Fact. [58:51]

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