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Group Chat

Mar 30, 2022

Eric Dlux joins Dee once again to debrief 'the slap,' Tesla's new move to stock split, the new billionaire's tax, Robinhood's stock jump, OnlyFans move to SPAC, and much more.

Today, the interview was with James D’Aconti, one of the owners of the fully doxxed team at Programmed Success, Inc (PSI).  PSI has recently released their NFT project Gumbit By PJ O’Rourke.  Visit the website for more details at

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Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • What’s your take on Will Smith’s apology? (2:11) 
  • Ad Break. (15:33) 
  • Tesla and Elon Musk have mastered Wall Street. (17:35) 
  • Robinhood knows you are addicted to gambling. (24:40) 
  • The biggest SPAC of the year?! (27:43) 
  • Dee’s Loser of the Week. (32:22) 
  • If it’s about money, not necessarily being a founder is the path. (35:11) 
  • Group Chat on President Joe Biden’s proposed new billionaire tax. (43:38) 
  • The best Donald Trump statement ever?! (46:23) 
  • A Group Chat exclusive interview with James D’Aconti. He is one of the owners of the fully doxed team at Programmed Success, Inc (PSI). They discuss their recently released NFT project Gumbit by PJ O’Rourke. (49:05) 

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