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Group Chat

Aug 21, 2020

Today we're discussing Trump's feud with Goodyear Tires, Steve Bannon being charged with fraud tied to Trump's border wall, the triple-amputee Iraq vet and his wife (a star of TikTok) and their stolen border wall money, the 19-year old in Kansas who won the senate primary race after admitting to blackmail, revenge porn, and bullying, the way China's national security laws will affect higher education, power being cut off to TikTok star Bryce Hall's mansion after a massive party, Lyft's suspended operations in CA, Instagram's new "suggested posts," whether Barstool's Portnoy has COVID or not, Palantir's decision to move their headquarters to Colorado, Airbnb's confidential filing for IPO with SEC, live streamed Winners, Losers, and Content Recommendations, and more.

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Denver is the New Austin – Group Chat News

  • Trump has beef with Goodyear. [2:50]
  • Anand, Group Chat White House Press Correspondent. [9:00]
  • We need some good revenge porn on the Democratic side. [11:10]
  • Steve Bannon is a crook and every day is a Simpsons episode. [18:22]
  • The new Cold War. [24:30]
  • Bryce Hall versus everyone. [28:52]
  • Pete Reads the Ads. [42:58]
  • Uber/Lyft versus California. The fight rages on. [44:30]
  • Denver is the new Austin. [47:15]
  • Airbnb: Public or private, pick one. [51:10]
  • Instagram wants more screen time. [54:54]
  • Does Dave Portnoy have the ‘Rona? [58:55]
  • Weekly Winners & Losers. [1:05:37]
  • Hottest Content for the Weekend. [1:12:21]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:14:19]

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