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Group Chat

Feb 24, 2020

Today we're discussing Kobe's Memorial tomorrow, the Fury/Wilder fight, Jokoy, Jake Paul's fight with Zayn, the cast of Friends reuniting on HBO Max, the top ten most obese cities in America, how obesity is the second most preventable cause of death in America behind smoking, the viral video of Yarraka Bayles' son who was bullied for having dwarfism, Bernie Sanders' victory at the Nevada caucuses, Clint Eastwood's endorsement of Mike Bloomberg, South Korea declaring high alert over coronavirus, the virus's impact on Italy, the Chinese-targeted raids occurring in Moscow, the CEO of Outdoor Voices stepping down, Raf Simons becoming Prada's new co-creative director, and more.

294 - Corona vs Obesity

A League of Their Own. [2:40]

The biggest celebrity death we have ever seen. [4:47]

Recapping Fury vs Wilder 2. [6:34]

Jo Koy at The Forum. [11:09]

What’s going on with the beef between Jake Paul and Zayn Malik? [15:02]

The cast of Friends is reuniting! [18:50]

Group Chat on the obesity crisis in America. [21:12]

Is this a case of a parent exploiting their child? [30:45]

Bernie is kind of HOT. [36:41]

Clint Eastwood is all-in on Bloomberg. [40:20]

Group Chat open to ‘Kathy’ ads. [43:33]

Coronavirus Update. [45:12]

Group Chat going hard in the paint on Outdoor Voices. [55:03]

Coronavirus vs Luxury. [59:57]

Millennial Word Monday. [1:05:34]

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