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Group Chat

Feb 26, 2020

Today we're discussing Dee's new baby, the Kobe Bryant memorial service, Vanessa Bryant suing the helicopter operator, the coronavirus costing the luxury industry ~$40 billion, major CPG's bracing for the virus's effect on finances, the CDC's statement about the inevitable spread of the virus, its positive effect on the Peloton stock, Moderna's experimental coronavirus vaccine, how Chinese espionage fears have roped in Calpers top money man, Supreme's new collaboration with Oreo, Bob Iger being replaced with Bob Chapak as Disney's new CEO, and more.


295 – Corona is Getting Scary

Dee is having another baby! [2:05]

Riot Games, making an impact and creating an industry. [7:28]

Recapping the Kobe memorial. [14:45]

Vanessa Bryant officially sues the helicopter operator for wrongful death. [20:08]

The Coronavirus is getting kind of scary. [23:37]

What is going on with Calpers? [38:36]

Supreme x Oreos. [42:18]

Drama is Dee-sgusted. [44:48]

Confusing times over at Disney. [47:10]

As Seen on Social. [51:23]

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